Future Ready Education

We are developing three kinds close knitted communities to develop a better school education in the future. Each of the community will provide following three steps to give an amazing learning experience

  • Content for Self Study (Svadhyaya) – Here we offer created and curated content.
  • Co-Learning & Contemplation (Chintan) – The contemplation can take place independently or we may also provide co-learning opportunities for the same.
  • Community for Company (Sangati) – Then there will be a community that will give a prolonged process of learning.


Following are the three communities


EdMonks collaboratory for School Innovation

This is our flagship community that will help us develop a team of visionary education leaders to change School Education in the world. We plan to launch it by mid 2019.

Who should Join | The collaboratory will be open only for empowered school leaders. Ideally, we will invite the school owners to join who are also the Principal in the school. We call that a Director Principal. However, an principal who have been empowered to independently take decision for the school may also be considered.

How to join | To join the collaboratory, every individual have to attend an induction program that will be organised once every quarter (i.e 4 induction programs in a year). Each of the participant will be asked to share their thoughts from the dais and would need to collaborate. For the first batch, we will identify a few school leaders and invite them to join the collaboratory, however after the first induction program, every aspirant would need to undergo an interview and then a stringent procedure to join the collaboratory. The first induction is supposed to take place in June 2019, do contact us,

To know more about the collaboratory please fill in this FORM


Leadership Development Front

This community will help people to get a personal growth in their career or in business. We expect following kinds of people who can join this community.

  1. School Leaders, whose ideas are not being encouraged by the school management as they merely want a rubber stamp. The self esteem is being challenged every now and then but they are not getting a right opportunity to switch.
  2. School Leaders, whose ideas are being encouraged by the school management. The school seems to be growing but they are not growing in the similar proportions. The appreciation is there but the money growth is absent or stagnant and again they are not getting a right opportunity to switch.
  3. Trainers who were once upon a time the School Leaders or Educators and want to improve their business are also welcome to join this community.
  4. Trainers who were once upon a time the School Leaders or Educators and want to come back and join back the school leadership again.
  5. Teachers who have a minimum of 15 years experience in teaching and want to grow in their career to become a school leader may also join this community.

To join the Leadership Development Front, please write to us on


The Future Ready School Project

We are developing this platform for Innovative Entrepreneurs in School Education to reach out to Innovative School Leaders and Educators,

To know more, please join our community through this FORM