A School Leader is supposed to perform many things for which one has never been trained earlier. And so, we are offering the following online courses to help the school leaders

School Growth

The Launchpad

A 4 week course to develop a school branding campaign

School Innovation

The Linchpin

A 24 weeks long online Certificate Programme to focus on how to run a school in a better way. Two kinds of people can join the program.

  1. Existing School Principals | who are always eager to learn the new and
  2. The second line of defence | School Leader with real leadership capability knows that it is all about people andĀ If they may get just 4 people who understand, what they want to implement, the school growth can be much faster so these leaders might send in their Coordinators, Head Mistress, Supervisors and any such other person to improve their second line of defence.

Influence & Leadership

The Protagonist

A 12 weeks long Certificate Programme for existing School Leaders to become a leader par excellence.