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Welcome to ‘Reinvent the School Culture‘, a FREE course to become a real leader who is ready to explore the Unexplored Fundamentals and grow her or his school to the new heights.

The course is under development and is open for queries. I mean you can suggest, what kind of things, you would like to learn from the course. Mind it, you are not going to get any financial or non financial benefits for sharing your queries, ideas or suggestions. Its just that you may get relevant content on this course.

The course will be first launched on February beginning and will remain FREE until we launch our flagship community ‘EdMonks Future SchoolLeads‘ by mid 2019.

After that, this course will become a pre-course to join our community.

The idea

The position of a school leader is not just an extended version of a teacher job, however a majority of school leaders today consider it in that manner only. So they put their entire focus on improving the classroom in their school that is where they have been focusing till now,

But the job of a leader is to develop a culture in the organisation.

The leader should be the Best Assistant for her or his people. One should play the role of the Apex Security Guard who would protect the people from various market forces and of course one should also be the Chief Master to guide them on ‘Learning, How to learn the new?’.

But for all this, one would also need to learn a lot of new things oneself.

If you are already in a leadership position in a school or If you want to move to one such position, we invite you to join this course that may help you develop some fairly new skills of leadership

This course is distributed in the following 3 capsules
1. People Support (Assistance)
2. Organisational Growth Mindset (Protection)
3. Knowledge & Innovation (Guide)

We are developing this course and plan to launch its first phase by the end of January or early February 2019.

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