How it started ..

In 2015, while our founder Mr Anupam Kaushik was working on the Future of the workplace and Careers and he lost hope in conventional higher education and so he started evaluating School Education as a possible tool to prepare kids for the VUCA future but soon he found a lot of cribbing in the name of School Innovation. The genuine effort was kind of missing

The Beginning..

So, in Jan 2017, he founded EdMonks as a research entity to test the possibility to prepare the kids for the VUCA future through current School Education.

With multiple iteration of interactions with school leaders, students, teachers and parents, he found a new hope in working with school leaders

The Discovery ..

But a majority of school leaders are not worth their salt and so he decided to develop a community of innovative school leaders and so he developed and tested a few different mechanism like RISE, CAS and SII. School Influence Interconnect won over all other format

What we do now

Now we help the leaders of K-12 and pre-school leaders to implement innovation at their schools through our courses, coaching and community.

The flagship course is still under development but you may join the first capsule for FREE.

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