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School Influence Interconnect

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Why we created the ‘School Influence Interconnect’

We observed and classified the entire school education ecosystem into two parts and we call it the BLACK economy and the WHITE economy.

The key driver in the Black economy is fame or recognition. So, people here are not putting the work on the ground instead they are willing to buy recognition and hence there are many organised platforms in the black economy to sell Certificates and Awards.

However, in the White economy, the key driver is Knowledge and people in here are happy to work on the ground and are focused on the joy of learning and the bliss of a positive experience.

The organised platforms of the Black Economy keep inviting a few selected people from the white economy so that some relevant stuff can be talked about in their events. But these invited people become the smartest person in the room, so they are just teaching, not learning anything. The audience here however is not interested in learning, they are all interested in photographs that they can put on their social media.

So the overall ecosystem of school education is going down on the knowledge aspect. At EdMonks, we decided to crate an organised platform in the White Economy ‘School Influence Interconnect’ so that people who care for knowledge can share and learn new things.

We know that this platform is against the market dynamics because most of the people are Fame driven and not caring for knowledge, but we are betting on those school leaders and educators, who are really putting the work on the ground, what if they are less in number.

How the ‘School Influence Interconnect’ will be organised

Our events will not be sponsored and instead they will be dutch the expenditure. Every participants will have to make a moderate financial contribution to attend these events.

Every participant is expected to be a speaker, so the Mantra here is ‘if you cannot speak, you cannot attend the event’.

That is why these events will be small in size as merely 20 people for a day will be invited but the big thing about these events is that almost every participant will be an education influencer.

Everyone will be expected to speak on one single topic for 15 minutes. No talk is expected to be around trends or FAKE GYAN as every participant will be expected to first get the topics approved by the EdMonks team and then flow of the talk have to be discussed with the team.

This way we will try to control the right kind of content that would be worthy for the school leaders.

What will people get from ‘School Influence Interconnect’

No one is expected to join these events for GYAN because all these talks will be video-graphed and will be shared Free of cost through Youtube, instead people will join it because of a GREAT NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY with the education influencers and to DEVELOP THEIR OWN INFLUENCE in the fraternity.

It will also provide a great opportunity to CREATE AN IMPACT in the school education ecosystem.

Where the ‘School Influence Interconnect’ will take place

The first event is happening at India Habitat Center, New Delhi on August 8th 2019, which will be followed by two more events one at Mumbai and another at Bangalore towards the end of August 2019.

If you are a school leader and wish to get more information or want to join any of our events, please contact us through


Who all are joining the ‘School Influence Interconnect’

When Prof M M Pant shared his vision with Mr Anupam Kaushik, the founder of EdMonks, that the future of education will be made through neo influencers whom he called the ‘Independent Educators’. Mr Kaushik decided to make his vision a reality.

This is the first such event to create a new ecosystem and some really amazing people have already accepted to speak on the platform here in Delhi. We will keep updating the list as an when a new one is accepted.

Prof M M Pant | Event Chief Mentor | Founder @ LMP Education Trust

Mr Anupam Kaushik | Event Curator & Producer | Founder @ EdMonks

Note | Mr Anupam Kaushik will be present in each of the event, however Prof M M Pant would be available only in Delhi event.


Attendees in Delhi

Ms Aishah Siddiqua | Contributing Speaker | Principal @ Dubai National School, Dubai | Founder & CEO @ iTransformi

Mr Anirudh Gupta | Contributing Speaker | CEO @ DCM Group of Schools

Ms Archana Gaba | Contributing Speaker | Director Principal @ Saint Kabir Gurukul, Punjab

Mr Ashok Thakur | Contributing Speaker | Founder @ Muni International School, Delhi

Mr Ashish Bhatnagar | Contributing Speaker | Principal @ Shaoxing International School, China

Ms Chhavi Kaushik | Contributing Speaker | Empathy Enabler, Delhi

Ms Chetan Bansal | Contributing Speaker | Director Shemrock World, Zirakpur and Principal Vedanta International School Chandipur, HP

Ms Jyoti Arora | Contributing Speaker | Principal @ Delhi Public World School, Noida Extension

Ms Manisha Anthwal | Contributing Speaker | Director @ Superhouse Education Foundation

Ms Namrita Rathee | Contributing Speaker | Head of Elementary School @ Khaitan Public School, Noida

Major Pravin Singh | Contributing Speaker | Director @ Swamy Radhey Krishna Academy, Raipur

Ms Rakhi Gibrani | Contributing Speaker | Principal @ SADA School, Karnal

Mr Thakur Mulchandani | Contributing Speaker | Director @ Sunrise English Private School, Abu Dhabi

Attendees in Bangalore

Mr Rajendra Prasad | Contributing Speaker | Sr Principal @ Smart Modern School

Ms Sahaya Mary | Contributing Speaker | Principal @ Dharani International School 

Ms Lakshmi Prabha | Contributing Speaker | Principal @ Prasan Vidya Mandir 


Attendees in Mumbai

To be disclosed very soon

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  1. I wish to be a part of the School influential Connect . I can speak on various academic topics. I deliver Professional development training workshop sessions.


    • EdMonks says:

      Sir, we have gone through your profile and would be happy to invite you at SII, we will take it up through an email

  2. Nancy Juneja says:


    I am Nancy,Educationist n principal from Shanti Gyan group of schools,Delhi.
    I would love to be active contributor.

    Please let me know whom to contact with.

    We are heading 3 schools with approx 5000 kids, flourishing in Educationa sector since 30 years


    • EdMonks says:

      Thank you so much Mr Tuli, we have been lucky to get some really amazing people, you will soon be able to listen to their ideas through EdMonks Talks

  3. Getu Dange says:

    Wish to attend this event

  4. Pl. Send Details Thanks

  5. Tanusri Bhattacharya says:

    When you are conducting in Delhi, I would like to join such events

  6. Shilpa says:

    We are a team of freelance storytellers and life skills educators. I would like to be part of the event

  7. Looking to be part of SII. How does one connect? or register?

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