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EdMonks School Innovation Festival

May 2, 2019 Uncategorized 0
EdMonks is being developed as a platform where  School Leaders can go to learn the new and make their schools futuristic.

We focus on School Innovations, School Branding and Future Readiness for Schools.

In the same quest, we have decided to host EDMONKS SCHOOL INNOVATION FESTIVAL, which is a three days long online event and there will be three kinds of speakers

You may join the event either as a (A) Explorer, as a (B) Speaker or as a (C) Partner.
A. If you are joining just as an explorer, you may please fill in the adequate form to be able to attend the festival as an explorer or learner.
– If you are a School Educator or a School Leader, please fill in this form
– If you are an Entrepreneur, please fill in this form
– For everyone else, please fill in this form

B. However, If you want to become a Speaker, we invite following three types of speakers.

1. Education Influencer (any one who is known as an expert in school education segment and has already being followed by many School Leaders). These speakers will get around 18 to 20 minute session to talk about one topic, we plan to have 9 such speakers. Please contact us through kausho@gmail.com to nominate someone / become an influencer speaker. 

2. School Leaders (a school principal, CEO, Promoter, Director, Owner of a K-12 school or school chain), who want to share their experience with the school education fraternity. These speakers will get a total duration of 7 to 10 minutes to share their ideas on exactly one topic. We plan to have 48 such speakers. Please fill in the following form to share your topics (If you are a school leader and wish to become a speaker, fill in this form)
3. Education Entrepreneur (Any entrepreneur in education who help school education) One must be an EdMonks Innovative Edupreneur Partner to become the speaker.

C. Third is the partners

1. Media Partner | If you are a blog, newspaper, news channel or any other type of Media, you may directly contact us to become our media partner / social media partner.

2. Government Partner | If you are a politician, do ask your bureaucracy and a policymaker to partner with us and leverage the festival.

3. Entrepreneur | If you are an entrepreneur join EdMonks Innovative Edupreneurs Partner Program.

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