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April 17, 2019 Future Ready School 0

The conventional wisdom says that the job of the school is to prepare kids for college and the job of the college is to prepare kids for life.

But this age old shield of school education i.e the conventional higher education is now shattered and hence all of the question that were earlier being asked from the higher education are now being asked from schools.

And the schools do not have a clue, how to answer that coz in past we never allowed schools to do the new.

But the time is ripe now and the school has the responsibility to prepare kids for life and only those schools, who will understand this fact will remain relevant in the foreseeable future.

To let the school leaders understand, we have developed this quick FREE online Course. The course has three parts

  1. Pre-course work | Our Free online course – The Future of Education
  2. Main Course Work | Four Capsule FREE Online Course
  3. JAMBOREE | A Physical Meet for those school leaders who want to finish all three steps Self Study, Contemplation and Company

Who will benefit from the course – School Leaders who are always willing to experiment, fail, learn and experiment again.

Structure of the course – This course has been distributed into 4 capsules

  1. 5 Steps of School Innovation
  2. Collaborations & Partners
  3. The Change Management
  4. Developing a Community


5 Steps of School Innovation

The course is still being developed, this is just a glimpse of the content that would be covered in the first capsule. The course will soon be uploaded. Click on the picture to see the excerpts.

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