The Future of Education

Future Ready Education

The Future of Education

April 17, 2019 Future Ready School 0

The definition of the workplace is changing everyday and hence we need to change the education too that will complement our youth with right and relevant skills.

The Future of the Education is bit tricky and hence we are developing this FREE Online Course that would help the masses to understand the needed change in education.

Who will benefit from the course – Students, Parents, Teachers, School Leaders and all the people who are willing to learn

Structure of the course – This course has been distributed into 7 capsules

  1. Technology Mega Trends | The Fast changing world
  2. Economic Sustainability | Three key challenges from the future
  3. Skills for the Future | What skills will be needed tomorrow
  4. The Gig Economy | The future of workplace
  5. Failing Education | Why the current education system fail to prepare for future
  6. The Future of Education | Possible model for education for tomorrow
  7. The Introspection | Follow our exercise to Think about things and get a certificate


Technology Mega Trends

This is the first capsule, remaining capsules will soon be uploaded. Click on the picture.

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