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Public policy, Boards, Parents, Students, Teachers, Vendors and all other stakeholders are pushing the school leaders so much that there is no time ;left for Innovation. At EdMonks we help them answer their questions. Talk to us to get help through contact@edmonks.com

What they Say about us

Mrs Archana Gaba

Director Principal @ Punjab

“I wonder, how Mr Anupam Kaushik, who has never been an academician himself, knows so much about what happens inside the schools”

Mrs Chetan Bansal

Director Principal @ Zirakpur

“Mr Kaushik is not working on the Branding of Schools, he is working on the future of schools”

Mr Maimur Shultan

Principal @ Rajasthan

“The program by Mr Kaushik will help on many things not only on School Branding”

Parent Connect

They say, a school always gets its brand through a Word of Mouth campaign through which the school aspire to develop a positive perception in the mind of the prospective and existing parents.

How do you connect with parents?

Digital Connect

But even before connecting with them in the real world, you would need to connect with them on the Digital Platforms. 

Do you have an in place strategy to connect with the parents in the Digital World?






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